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Mark Wahlberg’s Dad Bod Isn’t Really a Dad Bod

Accidental body shaming?

MarkWhalberg Instagram

In a recent Instagram post, actor Mark Wahlberg proved that ‘dad bod’ — much like the quality of an acting performance — must simply be a matter of perspective. Though the notoriously buff actor and father of four flaunted a shirt adorned with the phrase, the post’s comment section isn’t suggesting his fans were making that particular connection.

If you haven’t heard of the term ‘dad bod,’ it’s essentially a much fluffier version of Wahlberg’s more Spartan build. Though he himself has kids, if you asked someone on the street to shout out a guy with a dad bod, a person with Wahlberg’s penchant for shirtlessness might not make their list.

If the rest of his Instagram is any indication, the 47-year-old actually works pretty hard to stave off any signs of dad bod at all. Wahlberg regularly posts pictures and videos of himself working out in the gym, and catchphrases like “aspire to be better” are included.

As several commenters discussed watching the video with the sound turned off, another hilariously wrote “Dafuq you talking about ‘dad bod?’” That said, it’s fair to note that not everyone is a fan of his habitual shirtlessness, especially his daughters. In a recent interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he admitted that even when he has a shirt on, his daughters will often tell him to play it safe and ‘put another one on.

Still, whether you’re ripped or not, if the Travis Mathews dad bod shirt is right up your alley, you can pick one up for a jokingly modest fee of $35!