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Mark Wahlberg Recruited Jimmy Butler to Be His Daughter’s Basketball Coach

"WNBA, here we come." 

Instagram: Mark Wahlberg

For most dads, when your kid tells you they want to play basketball, it means setting up a hoop in the driveway or signing them up for a local rec league. But when you’re one of the biggest movie stars in the world, it means calling up an NBA superstar to have them come over and do a little coaching. And that is exactly what Mark Wahlberg did, recruiting Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard Jimmy Butler (aka Jimmy Buckets) to help his nine-year-old daughter Gracie improve her skill on the court.

Wahlberg posted a video on his Instagram of Butler and Gracie shooting some hoops and he couldn’t contain his excitement about watching his daughter learn from one of the best players in the NBA. Butler, appearing to hold a glass of wine in his hand while Gracie shoots layups, gives Wahlberg a thumbs up and refers to himself as “the best coach ever.”

“My Gracie said she wanted to start playing basketball, so I got her a coach,” Mark says. “Jimmy Butler coaching little Gracie! Oh, GOD! WNBA, here we come.”

However, one WNBA legend chimed in to let Wahlberg know that if he really wants his daughter to be prepared for the WNBA, he probably should have recruited someone from the league.

“She needs to learn footwork from a woman in the WNBA,” Los Angeles Sparks power forward Candace Parker jokingly wrote in the comments. “[T]he NBA travels too much!😂🤪🤪🤪”

But whether it’s Butler or Parker, it seems pretty obvious that Gracie is getting a world-class basketball education. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years, she can challenge one of LeBron James’ kids to a game of horse.