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Mark Wahlberg Uses ‘Captain Kangaroo’ Reboot to Get His Kids Into STEM

The actor admits he's bringing the iconic show back help foster an interest in science, technology, engineering.

Getty Images

Mark Wahlberg appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday and announced that he was bringing back Captain Kangaroo, the beloved children’s show that ran for nearly three decades on CBS and featured skits, games, and educational content. Wahlberg admitted to Ellen that his initial interest in rebooting the show stemmed from his desire to get his four kids more into, well STEM ⏤ science, technology, and engineering.

“I’ve been trying to figure out cool ways to get my kids to be interested in science, technology, engineering,” the actor explained during the interview. “And I was thinking about what made me interested in school was Captain Kangaroo.”

While Wahlberg admitted that the show would require a pretty big overhaul to feel relevant to today’s kids ⏤ including not casting a host with a hilarious bull cut⏤ he insisted that it will remain focused on educating children. He also noted that the show was currently just in the development stage and offered few other details as to a timetable for its return.

“We are bringing back a cool STEM scientist as Captain Kangaroo… We don’t know when it’s gonna air yet or where it’s gonna air,” Wahlberg explained. “It’s still in its infancy, but we are making it happen.”

Even without details, it’s hard not to get excited about the prospect of Captain Kangaroo returning to TV. Getting kids interested in science has always been tough, but shows like Captain Kangaroo and Bill Nye the Science Guy were effective at packaging the information in a fun way.