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Mark Wahlberg Admits His Kids Sometimes Use the ‘Famous Dad’ Card

When your dad is Marky Mark, why not get a funky bunch of perks?


Even if they sometimes mock his shirtless video antics, Mark Wahlberg’s kids know that life comes with serious perks when your dad is a massive movie star. Though it’s a privilege he isn’t afraid to revoke, recently the movie star spoke about how his children have no problem using their famous dad’s clout to their advantage in certain situations. 

“It’s a non-issue for them. They only pull the ‘Dad’s Famous’ card when they want to go to a concert or meet someone famous,” Wahlberg told US Weekly in an interview while talking about his family life.

It’s pretty hilarious to hear that Wahlberg’s kids will occasionally name-drop their own dad in order to get some perks and honestly, who can blame them for a well-timed name check? And sure, some might complain that these kids are getting special treatment that other kids can’t have, which is true. But the reality is that the children of celebrities often get to enjoy privileges other kids don’t have access to and all celebrity parents can really do is try their best to keep their kids as grounded and grateful as possible.

And from everything we’ve seen, Wahlberg and his wife, Rhea Durham have done an admirable job raising their three kids to not feel entitled just because their dad is famous. Yes, their dad went to war with fascist primates in Planet of the Apes and hung out with a teddy bear stoner in Ted, but Wahlberg’s kids don’t see him as the big screen star the rest of the world does. To them, he’s just dad.

“They see me as dad and that’s all I want. They see it as more of a pain when we are being followed on the street, but they deal with it really well and I’m proud of them,” Wahlberg told Us.