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Mark Ruffalo Is Trying to Ruin ‘Avengers 4’ For Everyone (Or Is He?)

Here's what's going on.

Marvel Studios/Disney

The title of Avengers 4 has not officially been revealed by Marvel Studios, but the Hulk may have just spoiled that title and maybe even the plot. Unless of course, he’s just joking around.

Over the weekend, Mark Ruffalo appeared on Jimmy Fallon and spoke a little bit about the next big Avengers movie in which the Hulk may or may not work out his performance issues. But the big news is, that he mumbled that the title of the movie might be called “The Last Avenger.” The internet and Twitter in specific for instantly lit on fire with this news, complete with Infinity War directors, the Russo Brothers, joking that Ruffalo was “fired” from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But what’s the truth? Is the next Avengers film really called “The Last Avenger?” Right now, it seems like other than the fact that the title would be a mouthful (the word “Avengers” twice in an Avengers movie title? Unlikely) it also appears Ruffalo was making light on previous spoilers he had accidentally dropped. Way back before the release of Infinity War, Ruffalo openly joked that “everyone died” in the movie, which, turned out to be pretty much true, even if there was a little more nuance to that in the actual film. So, the point is, Ruffalo has a history of turning into a spoiler-Hulk, and possibly ruining big Marvel movies way before they even get close to release.

For now, Marvel fans have a little bit of a wait. Before Avengers 4  hits theaters on May 3, 2019, the next big Marvel movie will be Captain Marvel, which is out on March 8, 2019.