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Mark Hamill Just Shaved His Beard, Several ‘Star Wars’ Fans Driven Insane

Can you grow a beard back with the Force or what?


Luke Skywalker was able to project his entire consciousness across the galaxy in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a trick which included giving his badass avatar a slightly different haircut than the one he had on his little island. And in Star Wars: Episode IX, it’s possible Luke might have to use the Force to manipulate his hair follicles again. Mark Hamill has shaved his beard and now everyone is wondering if Luke Skywalker will, in fact, appear in the next Star Wars movie in 2019.

But, let’s relax. If Luke can change his hairstyle just by thinking about it in, then it stands to reason he can grow his beard back, too. The real question is, can Mark Hamill grow a Jedi beard in time to maybe, possibly shoot scenes for Star Wars: Episode IX? On Tuesday, Hamill Tweeted an image of himself with a new Joker cane, which is great, because you know, Hamill did the voice of the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series and a bunch other DC projects, but what fans picked-up on is the fact that Hamill is suddenly clean-shaven. The last time we saw Luke Skywalker he had a beard, and he died. So, if Luke’s ghost comes back for Episode IX, it’s possible he’ll no longer have a beard. Does this work?

The bottom line is clear: Mark Hamill shaving his beard does not mean Luke won’t show up in Episode IX, but it might mean he’ll look different. Controversially, there’s totally a history of Jedi appearing physically different as ghosts than they did at the moment of death. In both versions of Return of the Jed, Luke’s father, Anakin Skywalker, was able to grow hair as a ghost that he didn’t’ have when he died. In the original version, when Anakin’s ghost was played by Sebastian Shaw, he was able to revert from his Humpty-dumpty look upon death. In the special edition on the 2004 DVD when Anakin was played by Hayden Christensen, his ghost grew an entire mullet.


So, if Anakin’s ghost can change his hairstyle, then surely, Luke Skywalker’s ghost can lose or re-grow her beard. In fact, his living ghost in The Last Jedi proves Luke already has total command of this power. But what about Mark Hamill? If J.J. Abrams wants him to regrow his beard how fast can he do it? After all, the ability to use the Force is insignificant next to the power of a good razor.

-Star Wars: Episode IX will be out in movie theaters on December 20, 2019.-