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Mark Hamill Tweets Support for Girl Too Worried to Wear ‘Star Wars’ Shirt to School

'Star Wars' is for both boys and girls, and the real-life Luke Skywalker wants kids to know that.

Getty Images

When a young girl worried that kids at school would bully her for wearing a Star Wars shirt, her mom took to Twitter to ask followers for support. She had no idea that her tweet would make it to a galaxy far, far away. Or, at least, to the Twitter account of the real-life Luke Skywalker, who replied with some sage Jedi wisdom for her daughter.

It all began when Natali Drake, N.J. Simmonds on Twitter, posted that her seven-year-old daughter was crying in bed because she wanted to wear her Star Wars t-shirt to school, but feared other students would mock her for liking “boy stuff.” Drake asked people to retweet to show support for her daughter ⏤ and female Star Wars fans the world over ⏤ and the tweet quickly went viral, ringing up more than 49,000 retweets and 110,000 likes.

All well and good, but it hardly compared to what happened next: Mark Hamill, presumably while sitting cross-legged on a rock overlooking the ocean, tweeted his support to the young girl and offered some words of encouragement to all female Star Wars fans. Hamill first shared a Last Jedi .gif of Skywalker brushing some dirt off of his shoulder and told his young fan to imitate the gesture if anyone tries to criticize her for wearing a Star Wars shirt.

Hamill then assured his young padawan and her mother that the idea of Star Wars being “boy stuff” is an absurd and outdated notion, writing that “the Force is, & always will be strong with females here on Earth & in galaxies far, far away.” The internet, of course, went absolutely bonkers for Hamill’s heartfelt reply and the tweet received more than 72,000 likes.

Hopefully, after getting over the shock of having Skywalker reply to her tweet, Drake was able to relay Hamill’s message to her daughter. And, hopefully, her daughter wore that dope Star Wars shirt to school confident that the greatest Jedi who ever lived had her back.