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Mark Hamill Terrified His Daughter as the Joker from Batman

The daughter of Skywalker, Chelsea Hamill, has been revealing hilarious stuff about her famous dad.


Mark Hamill is well known for being a hilarious dad, but what seems to have gone unnoticed for his fans is that is daughter is basically owning her famous dad on Twitter, pretty much constantly. When it comes to the Twitter Force, the daughter of Skywalker might be the Chosen One after all.

Chelsea Hamill is one of Hamill’s three children with his longtime wife and partner Marilou York. As eagle-eyed fans of Star Wars know, Chelsea appeared in The Last Jedi briefly as a Resistance fighter named Koo Millham, one of the remaining good guys left hiding in the base on the salt planet Crait in the film’s finale. (Hamill’s other grown-children, Nathan Hamill and Griffin Hamill also appeared as Resistance fighters in the same sequence, too, meaning he mangaged to get all three of his kids into Star Wars.)

On July 27, Chelsea celebrated her birthday, which promoted some tweets from her father. Hamill shared childhood pictures of Chelsea, as well as bootleg Last Jedi action figure depicting her nearly-anonymous cameo character.

But, Chelsea has had some other stuff to say about her dad, specifically about him doing the Joker voice on a few of her previous childhood birthdays. (Hamill famously played the voice of the Joker on Batman: The Animated Series, and apparently continued playing the Joker at home.)

Chelsea also revealed that her dad took her and her friends to see the movie Spice World in theaters and said he was “the only dad in the theater.” Hamill contends that he didn’t go with her and her friends and it was just the “two of us” who saw the movie.

Is Mark trying to use a Jedi mind trick on his own daughter? Will any of this get back to the Spice Girls? Could there be hope for some kind of Mark Hamill/Spice Girls collobration in the future?

For now, though many of us might wish we could be a dad as cool as Mark Hamill, it’s good to remember to maybe not do the voice of a criminally insane clown for our childrens’ birthday parties.

Mark Hamill is currently filming Star Wars: Episode IX, which is out on December 20, 2019.