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Rainbow Road is in Your Pocket! Free Mario Kart Hits iPhone and Android

It's-a me! A mobile version of Mario Kart!

YouTube/Nintendo Mobile

Six months after it was supposed to be released, Mario Kart Tour is finally—finally!—coming to the iOS App Store and Google Play. On September 25! For free!

The game, as you’ve undoubtedly deduced, is a version of the legendary go-kart racer made for smartphones. We’re not expecting the complexity of the Nintendo Switch iteration, but we are expecting an exceedingly fun way to waste time with some recognizable gameplay.

Instead of holding the Z button on your Nintendo 64 controller, players will accelerate their karts simply by placing a finger on the screen. Steering is as simple as moving it from side to side. You’ll have to get used to at least one new obstacle that covers your “screen” in oil, obscuring your view until you wipe it away.

Course wise, there looks to be a mix of classic courses like Rainbow Road and Luigi’s Mansion and new ones inspired by cities including New York, Tokyo, and Paris.

We also know that there will be a Frenzy mode that will give you an unlimited supply of one item and make you invincible as well as “challenge courses” with named like Goomba Takedown and Vs. Mega Bowser where coming in first isn’t the goal.

As you play through the game, you can collect drivers, karts, and gliders.The game will be “free-to-start,” but there will also be microtransactions, unfortunately, that we’re guessing will allow you to obtain more of all three.

To play you’ll need a Nintendo account, which you can sign up for now if you don’t already have one. You can also go to your app store a pre-order the game so it downloads automatically once it becomes available.