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This Map Shows The Most Popular V-Day Gift In Your State

You OK, Mississippi?

Valentine’s Day is one of the rare holidays where it’s more about the parents than the kids. Sure, some of us have a tradition of getting something small for our children. And the night before Valentine’s Day, we’re typically cursing the hand cramp we’ve given ourselves trying to finish the last-minute cards for our kid’s classmates. But we also look forward to getting a little token of love and appreciation from our romantic partner, whether it be flowers or chocolate or in pre-COVID times, a romantic dinner out. And if you want a hint on what you might get this year as a V-day gift, this map lays it out.

The people at “spent more than 250 hours collecting and analyzing Google Trends’ data pulled from the past 17 Valentine’s (throughout 2004-2020).” With all that time and number crunching, they were able to pull out the most Googled Valentine’s Day gifts in each state.

Trying to find a gift for Valentine’s Day is not always an easy task. Many of us rely on tradition, opting to get the same thing for our partner year-after-year. Some of us pick it up very last minute, while others like to do a little research first. And that’s what the data CouponLawn collected showed.

The gift that made it to the top of the state’s search terms most often was pretty predictable. Twelve states search for some form of chocolate, eight states Google “flowers” most, and five states, in a more rare move, like to search for dogs or cats as a potential gift for the holiday.

Some other surprise gift ideas did top the list, though, too. Alabamians search for “how to name a star,” while people in Connecticut favor yoga mats, for some reason. Mississippi goes for picture frames, which might be the most boring Valentine’s Day gift ever. Some people are clearly into tandem bicycles, others go for the classic champagne, and one state is apparently pretty into dreamcatchers.

From the Google Trends data, CouponLawn found that the search term for “Valentine’s gift for him” was significantly higher than the term “Valentine’s gifts for her.” It’s not clear if that means we’re more stumped on what to get men for Valentine’s Day or that more of us are planning ahead of time.

This data doesn’t necessarily mean that these gifts are the most popular to receive or give. It does give us an idea of what people are thinking of buying, increasing the likeliness that it’s what we will get.

If you’re in Mississippi you might be disappointed but it sounds like you may be in for a good time if you live in Wyoming (sex toys!) or Louisiana (plus-sized lingerie!). Chances are this year is going to be pretty low-key anyway.