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This Map Shows Each State’s New Year’s Resolutions — But Will We Fail?

Therapy, exercise, a new job... how are all those resolutions going?

Last year was a hellscape. And now that some people are (potentially?) still trying to stick to their New Year’s resolutions and pave the way for a hopefully better 2021, it looks like most Americans are striving to work on themselves this year, thanks to a new map from Zippia, which showed each state’s most common New Year’s resolutions. A month into 2021, we have to ask: are these resolutions even keepable at this point?

After all, 2020 attacked our health, finances, job security, and well-being. But because of that, it seems that Americans are resolving to get a therapist this year. But will they?

According to a new map from Zippia, which used Google Trends to determine what each state is searching for online for New Year’s resolutions, the most popular resolution was therapy. A total of 12 states searched for a therapist, including Florida, Arizona, New York, and Pennsylvania, illustrating the sheer number of Americans who are trying to work on their mental health this year, because we’ve been reminded of how vital it is and always has been. After therapy, the second most popular resolution was weight loss, with 8 states like Ohio, Rhode Island, and Delaware searching for it.

The third most popular was for dating advice, with 7 states Googling for tips on how to date online or perhaps how to socially-distanced date IRL, including California, Illinois, Michigan, and Nevada. And 4 states, such as Alaska and Oregon, really want to get a good night’s sleep, which we know has become elusive for lots of folks during the pandemic, people with kids, and all of the stress that those two things bring.

Understandably, people’s resolutions seem to be at least tangentially correlated to the pandemic in general. Folks in Mississippi, Iowa and North Dakota want to save money. In Texas and Wyoming, residents want a new job. A few resolutions seemed fairly optimistic, however, about the state of the world in 2021: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin folks all wanted a vacation, and people in Colorado and Oklahoma are pining to meet new people this year. There’s always Zoom hangouts, I guess?

While New Year’s resolutions aren’t always successful (according to Psychology Today, 80% end up failing), data about what each state is hoping for in the coming year is important. The trends show where we’re collectively at as a country, and finding that most states are searching for therapy this year says a whole lot about what 2020 was like. We’ll check-in at the end of 2021 — to see how we all did on these resolutions.