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This Map Shows Kids Favorite Scary Movies in All 50 States

This list may surprise you a little bit.


Per the theme of the season, finding a really good Halloween movie that you could plausibly watch with your kids is really hard. Though you might be psyched to see Michael Myers hack something to bits in the next Halloween movie, chances are that might scar your kid for a few weeks, if not years. But, has done parents a favor and simplified the process of finding the perfect family-friendly Halloween flick by drawing up a pretty neat graphic that shows the most popular and child-appropriate Halloween movies by state.

Now, while we typically associate Halloween with horror, there simply aren’t that many horror movies to watch with a small kid. Though all the movies on the list have a darker bent, very few of them could be considered scary at all. Nonetheless, they’re each perfect for the season. Frontier simply looked at the Halloween movies that were searched for the most in each state.


Ghostbusters, for example, seems to be extremely popular in the Midwest and Northeast in particular. As the movie was shot in New York City, the fact that it gets searched for the most in that state makes a lot of sense. But More generally, it was the number one searched film in 11 states, more than any other movie on the list.  

There was a similar phenomenon taking place with the movie Halloweentown, which is only the most searched movie in one state: Oregon. The film was shot in St. Helens, Oregon and every year there’s actually a Halloween festival where they screen the movie. The Nightmare Before Christmas and Pixar’s Coco are actually tied for the second spot with six states a piece. Interestingly, a few Halloween heavy hitters like Harry Potter, the Hotel Transylvania series, and Beetlejuice couldn’t win in any more than three states each.