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This Map Shows the Best and Worst States to Work for Dads

Where does your state rank?


A new study shows that while being a working father is never an easy proposition, it’s markedly easier in some states than others.

The survey, from personal finance website WalletHub,  considered 22 different indicators across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The data, from a diverse set of public and private sources, was used to calculate how friendly each one was to the 93 percent of dads who also work. Some of the indicators were the average length of the workday, men’s life expectancy, men’s uninsured rate, childcare costs, and the unemployment rate for dads with young kids.

States were ranked across four different sections — economic & social well-being, work-life balance, child care, and health. The latter three each formed 30 percent of a state’s total score, with the health category taking up the remaining ten percent.

States in the northeast did particularly well. Massachusetts took the top spot, and the rest of New England (save Maine) and New Jersey joined it in the top ten. Minnesota, which ranked first in economic & social well-being and health, also made the top ten along with DC, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Source: WalletHub

Interestingly, the exact same states, albeit in a different order, made up the top ten in the working mother edition of WalletHub’s survey.

Southern states did not fare well in the survey. Seven of the bottom 10 states are in the South, with Louisiana ranked worst of all. The survey also found that Nevada, New Mexico, and Idaho don’t make it easy to be a working dads.

For the full list of rankings and more detailed information on the survey’s methodology, visit WalletHub’s website here.