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Baby Yoda’s Disney+ Comeback Confirmed For October

Baby Yoda is coming back for round 2.

Credit: Disney +

The winner of Disney+’s biggest hit since their platform launch goes to their original show The Mandalorian. The first season took off and before it was even over, people wanted to know when to expect the second season. There was early confirmation that there would definitely be another season of the show, but now Disney+ has finally confirmed season 2 will debut in October.

Disney CEO Bob Iger shared some much-anticipated updates on the return of The Mandalorian, as well as plans to expand the Marvel titles on Disney+, and some updated numbers on well the streaming platform is performing.

According to Iger, The Mandalorian is set to return with its second season in October of this year. We will get to follow along with the continued “Baby Yoda” storylines and Iger said the people working on the show are looking at “infusing it with more characters and taking those characters in their own direction in terms of series.”

Metrics show that 65 percent of people who watched The Mandalorian also went on to check out what else the platform has to offer. This has been a significant boost for the company since they smashed their early subscriber predictions and are sitting at 28.6 million subscribers already.

The subscriber number is nearly half of the company’s five-year goal to hit 60 to 90 million subscribers, and the platform hasn’t launched everywhere yet. Disney+ is set to launch in India, Western Europe, and the UK in March of this year.

Two other Disney+ originals were discussed along with The Mandalorian. Marvel’s Winter Soldier and The Falon will debut in August, and WandaVision is set to hit in December