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A Guy Who Hasn’t Showered In 12 Years Has The Perfect Product For Your Stinky Kid

If your own kid is constantly trying to get out of their daily bath — and you feel like a sucker every time you give in — this should make you feel better: There’s a guy in Boston hasn’t showered since the Bush administration. But this will make you feel worse: He’s invented a bacterial spray that he claims will help others do the same. Clearly, you need to keep David Whitlock away from your kid.

Whitlock, a chemical engineer and cofounder of the Boston skincare startup AOBiome, created AO+ Mist, which contains live bacteria that apparently infuses skin with “good” germs found in the earth’s soil to fight off the “bad” germs that cause body odor. He got the idea after theorizing that a friend’s horse rolled around in mud to coat itself with protective, cleansing germs, and then asked himself, “Why shouldn’t humans do the same?”

To be fair, Whitlock isn’t suggesting that everyone join him in the (no) shower — AO+ Mist is apparently formulated to replenish the bacteria-rich skin microbiome that traditional bath products break down over time, and can be used alongside a regular bathing schedule like any other skin care product. So, maybe keep a can of the stuff in the medicine cabinet for the next time you don’t feel like wrestling your kid in the bath and, even if you still feel bad, your kid won’t smell as bad.

Then again, there isn’t any scientific research to back up Whitlock’s claims about AO+ Mist. But, as he helpfully pointed out to CBS Boston, “No one did clinical trials on people taking showers every day, so what’s the basis for assuming that is a healthy practice?” Again, keep this guy away from your kid.

( H/T: Huffington Post)