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Expecting Dad Tries Simulating Pregnant Workout In Hilarious Video

You like to think of yourself as a real tough guy, but truth be told, you’re on the verge of tears every time you step on a LEGO. Your wife, on the other hand, is tougher than Clint Eastwood and The Rock combined. The ultimate measure of her grit? She voluntarily carried a baby around for 9 months. That’s a level of badassery dudes can never understand.

However, soon-to-be dad Blake Milchuck decided he wanted to get a taste of how hard literally anything is when you’re pregnant, so he strapped a 14-pound medicine ball to his chest during a CrossFit workout. As the video below shows, it went about as well you’d expect.

Courtesy of CrossFit Krypton’s Instagram, the clip shows Milchuck trying out a variety of exercises. As if the look on his face wasn’t already amazing enough, it gets even better when the camera reveals Milchuck’s wife Abby crushing it right beside him. Clearly, pregnancy isn’t stopping her from enjoying her husband’s sympathy pain-filled reality.

The lesson? Maybe don’t work out with your pregnant partner, but not because is bad for her or the baby — it’s recommended that women get 150 minutes of aerobic activity a week. But because she’ll make you look like a total wimp. But if you want to gain a new appreciation for how hardcore your better half truly is, by all means, add some baby weight to your next workout. Or you can just gain it the old fashioned way.