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A Man in Ohio Called the Cops on a Black Family for Delivering Newspapers



As if we needed another entry in the book of angry white people calling the police on black folks for performing everyday tasks, an Ohio resident has made headlines after he called the police on a black family for delivering newspapers in their neighborhood. 

According to her interview with ABC 6, Brandie Sharp was delivering newspapers with her sons in the Upper Arlington neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio when a person called the police on them for driving up and down the block and looking “suspicious.”

“I showed him the thing for the Dispatch, The Bag, the midday week paper that we get, and he said, ‘Oh, really?’ And by that time I was kind of like, ‘OK, why are you questioning me about this?'” Sharp told ABC 6

In an audio recording of the initial 911 call, the person calling the police of Sharp can be heard telling the dispatcher that “they were walking up to the houses with nothing in hand and one of them came back with something.”

In actuality, Sharp and her sons were fixing a delivery mistake that resulted in the wrong papers ending up at certain houses. But for the man, that completely innocent interaction was enough to warrant calling the police.

Suffice it to say, Sharp and her family felt as if they were being racially profiled. Though the dispatch was specifically about a boy approaching a door with nothing in hand, then leaving with something in hand, when the officer approached the family and asked if they were “selling door to door,”  which is illegal without a permit in Columbus. But once the officer realized what was happening, he left without incident. 

This is just one of the so many stories from this Summer alone, that involve black kids having the police called on them for doing normal stuff like asking for directions, selling water, or cutting the grass.