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This Giant Ball Machine Is The Most Ridiculous Use Of K’NEX You’ve Ever Seen


If your kid plays with K’NEX, you may want to hide the following video from them. Shadowman, the builder behind the Cataclysm K’NEX Ball Machine, shared his newest masterpiece with the internet this past week known as the Citadel K’NEX Ball Machine. If your youngster wants their own, it’s going to cost a lot more than money.

According to the description, Shadowman — if that’s your real name — spent 3 years building the 8-foot-tall Citadel, with a long break in the middle (presumably to keep from punching it). The machine contains 45 different elements (clusters of K’NEX put together), 17 paths, 5 lifts, 3 motors, and a factory theme complete with working K’NEX men. So … yeah. A little more involved that whatever you built last weekend.

But if you’re feeling extra industrious, sites like Instructables offer detailed directions courtesy of Shadowman and other experts, and his Flickr account gives a visual guide as well. Otherwise it’s on to the K’NEXT project, and your kid won’t be impressed by that pun either.