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Man Dressed as a Christmas Elf is Attacking Strangers With Pillows

And singing loud for all to hear, of course.

Real Brendan Edwards/Facebook

In a viral Facebook video, a man dressed as Buddy the Elf goes around Boston challenging strangers to pillow fights. Posted Tuesday morning, the clip features 27-year-old firefighter Brendan Sullivan sporting a green elf costume from the iconic Will Ferrell film and taking on people of all ages, from teenagers to an older lady.

“I had her hit me with the pillow and I fell to the ground,” he laughed, describing his encounter with the elderly woman in the purple jacket who really got into the fight. “When she helped me up I came in with the sneak attack.”

When asked the reason behind the silly stunt, Sullivan told, “We’ve released some videos here and there this year, so we said, ‘Let’s do one for Christmas. What can we do to spread Christmas cheer?” The video was filmed by his 16-year-old brother Ryan Sullivan and set to the tune of Pennies from Heaven by Luis Prima.

Pillow Fights with Strangers ft. Buddy the Elf

Pillow Fights with Strangers ft. Buddy the Elf..Music: Pennies from Heaven by Louis Prima.????: Ryan Sullivan.Inspired by: BigDawsTv Angrypicnic Steven Schapiro RossCreations

Posted by Brendan Edwards on Tuesday, December 4, 2018

It’s definitely generated a lot of holiday cheer on social media, with almost 170,000 views and over 2,600 shares so far. “More fun and laughter in the world like this please!” wrote one viewer, while another said, “What a great idea! Brings the kid out of us all!”

And making people laugh is just what the Massachusetts father hoped to achieve, saying, “Humor is something you can always go back to. Humor is always there; it’s what makes people smile.” He added that fans shouldn’t count out another appearance from Buddy before the holiday season is over.