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Guys On Reddit Are Discussing Untrue Male Stereotypes. It’s Important

"I’m working on my first quilt right now."

A Reddit thread is tackling male stereotypes — the type that either intentionally or unintentionally reinforces toxic masculinity — that we hear over and over again. These stereotypes often paint men as emotionally unavailable slobs who only think about sex and refuse to do any chores. Obviously, the stereotypes are untrue, and only limit the emotional expression of men. The long-standing tropes do more than just damage men. They also do damage to our community at large. That’s why we love that the discussion has been opened up on Reddit.

Toadie9622, a curious Reddit user, wanted to have a larger discussion of the stereotypes that follow guys their whole lives. Posting in the Ask Men community, Toadie9622 asked, “Contrary to popular belief about guys, the single men I know keep their homes exceptionally clean. What male stereotypes don’t apply to you?” And the answers that flooded in are full of very important points.

The stereotypes touched on all areas of life, from showing emotions, home repairs, hobbies, and sex. Reddit users chimed in with the stereotypes they’re tired of hearing and dispelling them with their reality.

“I like sewing,” confessed atlas794. “I’m working on my first quilt right now.”

“I actually prefer to cook my own food rather than ordering takeout,” wrote Reddit user Pranay_Dogra.

“I can fix nothing. I am not into sports,” Trygolds said. “I cook. I like kids. I am not a car guy. I work as a nurse’s aide. The last one put me in high demand at the hospital.”

Comments exploded with guys confessing that when it comes to movies and TV shows, those emotional scenes get to them, too.

“I tear up stupidly easy during emotional movie scenes,” shared kingcal. “I am like that too, I just can’t help it,” ijustwanttoteleport wrote in response. “It doesn’t even need to be a big thing, just humans being nice. I put it on the fact that I don’t really have a way to release my stress out because every time I cry at a movie, I feel this HUGE relief, like removing a big rock off my chest.”

Others took on the myths about men and relationships and sex.

“I don’t like to have sex with a woman unless I get to know her first and there’s an emotional connection,” shared igfxreapers. Several others agreed with his sentiment, adding their own thoughts on how that emotional connection makes it better. And men aren’t what is stereotypically shown in movies and TV shows. Also, men love to cuddle, too.

Having discussions like this are important. It may be funny to pretend all men are bumbling people without feelings. But it’s harmful in reality. And it’s not a cute look anymore.