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If You’re Not Getting Backyard Beers From A DIY Motorized Cart, You’re Doing It Wrong

Niklas Roy

It’s not officially summer for dads until you can enjoy a beer in your backyard in peace. And once that beer runs out, you likely have a routine in place already that may or may not involve your kid grabbing you another one (you did that for your old man and you turned out fine). Now, an enterprising German inventor named Niklas Roy has an even better option and, much like your current delivery system, you can make it yourself.

Or, you can make it yourself if you’re reasonably good at hacking your kid’s toys. The project requires a gutted RC car, 2 windshield wiper motors, a joystick, relays and diodes, and a digital voltmeter. Roy has step-by-step instructions on his site, and if it all looks a bit intimidating, keep in mind that the 2 most important components are plywood and beer — you can handle that, right?

The other thing you’ll need, at least if you follow the video above, is some heavy metal music, which should also be no problem — after all, what’s more metal than a motorized beer cart? Pull this one off, and you’ll a DIY robot you can love like your own child. And unlike your own child, you can give this one a sip of your beer without worrying about destroying their future.

[H/T] The Awesomer