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This New Magnetic System Is Making Scoliosis Treatment Easier For Kids

According to the American Association Of Neurological Surgeons, scoliosis affects roughly 2 to 3 percent of people. However, the most common type is idiopathic scoliosis (scoliosis of an unknown cause) in children and adolescents — and that’s where they get you. Fortunately, treating this spinal condition just got so easy it’s downright attractive — or rather, magnetic.

The medical device company NuVasive, Inc. may have discovered a way to transform spine surgery by using Magnetic Expansion Control (MAGEC), a system that uses magnetic rods that allow for nonsurgical adjustments. The old way required surgical adjustments every 6 months. The new, cool way, uses 2 MAGEC rods that are implanted (that part isn’t nonsurgical) and a physician adjusts the length at follow-up visits using an external magnet. Forrest Gump may be too old for the technology (that dude can’t catch a break), but maybe his curvy kids and grandkids can take advantage of it.

As Futurism reports in the above video, over 750 kids in 24 countries have been treated with MAGEC so far. But, it wasn’t until recently that this became the first magnetic system cleared by the FDA. So, it’s likely a lot more where that came from. MAGEC is only intended to treat skeletally immature patients, less than 10 years of age, with severe progressive spinal abnormalities. That means it will do nothing to correct your crooked spine. But you should known enough to lift your kids with your knees, anyway.

[H/T] Futurism