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‘Madagascar’ Is Turning Into a ‘Muppet Babies’-Style TV Show

The show will premiere on Hulu and Peacock.

Ask and you shall receive (if you asked at all.) In case your kids wanted a spin-off series of DreamWorks’ popular Madagascar franchise, one is apparently in the works. The show, called Madagascar: A Little Wild, debuts on September 7 on Hulu and Peacock, and, admittedly, it does look pretty cute. But are spin-off shows like this one and Muppet Babies, which feature little kid versions of the friendly creatures in the original series, things that kids (and parents) actually want? Who knows. But given that Madagascar is a sort of beloved film series, it most likely at least won’t be bad.

Season 1 of the series is not expected to be a super long season, with 6 episodes in total, all at 22-minutes. It centers on the origin story of main characters Alex The Lion, Marty The Zebra, Melman The Giraffe and Gloria The Hippo at New York’s The Central Park Zoo, as per Mashable. The trailer shows the pals take underground “travel tunnels” to escape the zoo (sewers?!) and they begin to discover “life on the outside” of the zoo and explore the city. The show, filled with cute animated animals and the slapstick humor that you’ll see in the original film, doesn’t seem particularly revolutionary in terms of kids media. It looks like it could be the kind of show that kids will moderately enjoy and parents might half pay attention to? Anyway, it could be fun

Check out the trailer below.