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Luigi is Dead and the Internet is Losing It

The iconic sidekick always seemed untouchable, but death waits for no plumber.


Since the earliest days of Nintendo, Luigi has been a staple in the Mario universe. While he may always b3 stuck in the shadow of his shorter, plumper brother, Luigi is beloved by millions of fans around the world thanks to his consistent presence in games like Mario Kart, Mario Party, and Super Smash Bros. However, a recent promo video for the upcoming game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate suggests that Luigi’s days as the most notorious sidekick in all of gaming may be numbered, as Mario’s green twin brother was getting murdered on screen. 

The video shows Luigi quaking in his boots as he backs away from the grim reaper. As your second favorite plumber tries to stave off the shadowy figure in fear, his only weapon to use is that weird ass plunger gun from Luigi’s Mansion. Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly), his efforts fall flat as he is unceremoniously slashed by the reaper’s scythe. His eyes can be seen going totally white as his body hits the floor totally lifeless. To add insult to injury, his ghost escapes his corporal form and ghost Luigi can be seen looking at his own corpse. Naturally, the internet went insane after seeing Luigi allegedly kick the bucket.

Suffice it to say, folks were absolutely devastated, and for all the cool stuff that fans got to see in the nearly 30-minute long video, Luigi’s brutal death in the first two minutes sucked all the air out of the room.

Now, a la all the brutal deaths at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Luigi is clearly not going to stay dead. He simply makes Nintendo too much money for that. Still, the reaction was so serious that Nintendo had to publish a Tweet ensuring people that he was actually just fine and very alive.