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Lori Loughlin and Husband Sentenced to Prison Time in College Admissions Scandal

The sentencing comes after months and months of court battles.


Actress Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli are going to prison. The married couple are among the rich and famous people implicated in “Operation Varsity Blues,” the college admissions scandal that rocked the nation in 2019. It included a handful of schemes, from bribing college coaches to reserve spots on their teams for non-athletes to paying off SAT proctors, designed to help undeserving applicants secure admission to competitive schools like Yale, Stanford, and the University of Texas.

Loughlin and the US Attorney agreed to two months of prison time, a $150,000 fine, 100 hours of community service, and two years of supervised release in exchange for her guilty plea, and the judge sanctioned that deal in a short Zoom hearing on Friday afternoon.

Giannulli was sentenced earlier that day. He also received the sentence prosecutors asked for and that he agreed to in exchange for his guilty plea: five months in prison, a $250,000 fine, 250 hours of community service, and two years of supervised release.

Loughlin and Giannulli long denied that they paid $500,000 to Rick Singer, the mastermind behind the scams, to get their two daughters into the University of Southern California as crew recruits, even taking pictures designed to create the impression that they were active crew team members (they weren’t).

But in an about-face, the couple pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges in May, paving the way for today’s sentencing.

Loughlin and Giannulli and just two of the 50 people charged for their roles in the scandal, a list that includes fellow actress Felicity Huffman and other overinvolved parents who, while not famous, certainly still qualify as rich and powerful.