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The Next Book in Anna Dewdney’s ‘Llama Llama’ Series Has Arrived

The new entry still feels relevant even two years after Dewdney's death.


When acclaimed children’s author Anna Dewdney wrote Llama Llama Red Pajama in 2005, few expected the book to become a cultural phenomenon or to lead to two dozen sequels, many of which would wind up on the New York Times bestsellers list. But Llama Lliterature resonated with a broad readership and, by the time Dewdney passed away from a brain tumor in 2016, she had become one of America’s most prominent children’s book authors. She had also begun work on future books, the first of which, Llama Llama Learns to Read, has just been released.

In terms of the Llama Llama books as a whole, this is the first hardcover entry in the series to be released after Dewdney’s death. Other posthumous titles like Llama Llama Learns to Swim and Llama Llama Gives Thanks, have been released as board books over the last year, but are based on episodes of the Netflix series following the same character. According to an interview with, Duncan Reed, Dewdney’s widower, she left enough material for at least a dozen new books. In the same interview, Reed also noted that, out of respect, he’s electing to sift through what his partner of 18-years left behind very carefully.

“Some projects have fully painted canvases, some have lots of heavily rendered sketches, and some have only loose sketches on the backs of envelopes,” he said, before explaining that the books belong to Dewdney and how he only hopes to “do justice to what she would have done.”

Regardless of how Reed chooses to handle the rollout of future Llama Llama titles, the impact of the series can still be felt in culture today. In total, the series has sold over 12 million copies, spawned a television series, hell, Ludacris even took a stab at rapping the book on live radio. Llama Llama isn’t going anywhere soon.