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This Smartwatch For Your Parents Monitors Their Health And Calls For Help In An Emergency

If you think getting old sucks, imagine how your parents feel. Just when they start regaining the life force drained by years of your shenanigans, here comes a little bundle of babysitting duty. They may be up for it now, but the longer they insist they have plenty of independent living left to do, the more concerned you’ll get about what might happen in an emergency — and the more stubbornly they’ll refuse to wear that ridiculous necklace from those 80s commercials.

Lively is a “safety watch” with an always on, one-push help button that immediately prompts a live response from an operator who will call up to 3 emergency contacts before sending an ambulance. Then, they’ll stay on the line until help arrives. But wait — like they said in the ’80s — there’s more! Separate activity trackers can share daily data with caregivers, and object sensors can be attached to things like pillboxes to make sure dad’s taking his meds, refrigerator doors to track how much he’s eating, and and the front porch chair to confirm that he’s telling those damn kids to get off his lawn.

Everything communicates through an in-home hub, which works instantly upon being plugged in — no home phone or internet connection required. Because who has time for all these newfangled i-screens and droid-pods anyway? You might want to buy one of these sooner than later, and maybe even snag a second one. You’re not getting any younger.