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Watch a 13-Year-Old Crush a Home Run at Professional Ballpark

It's pretty safe to say that this kid has a future playing ball.

Twitter / Atlanta Braves

Jayce Blalock became one of the breakout stars of this year’s Little League World Series when he showed off his pro-level power by smashing a grand slam almost 400-feet. And while Blalock’s time at the LLWS may be over, the 13-year-old from Georgia has remained in the public eye after he was invited to batting practice Tuesday at the Atlanta Braves’ SunTrust Park. Blalock wasted no time demonstrating his insane talent, as he managed to wallop a ball into the stands for a home run.

For someone so young to be able to hit a home run in a professional baseball stadium is pretty astounding. What’s even more impressive is that Blalock didn’t just hit the ball into the stands, he got it all the way to the facade of the upper deck seats. Sadly, we don’t currently have a clear answer on the exact distance the ball traveled. Blalock’s home run sailed well past the left field fence at SunTrust Park, which is about 375-feet away from home plate.

Yes, unlike professional players, Blalock used a metal bat to hit his home run, but anyone who uses that as a reason to criticize a 13-year-old probably needs to not talk. This kid is a phenomenal talent and watching him celebrate after realizing he just hit a home run in a pro ballpark should bring a smile to everyone’s face. Although something tells me this won’t be the last time he goes yard at a professional baseball stadium.