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Little League Player Takes Home at Hilariously Slow Pace

You have to admire his commitment to the joke.

The Cut

Every Little League player dreams of scoring the game-winning run by beating out a throw at the plate. Well, almost every Little League. While it might not have been for the win, one cheeky toddler recently decided that the true path to glory ⏤ and laughs ⏤ was by slowing things down. A video of the player deliberately running home in slow motion during the game has gone viral, with millions of people cheering on the kid’s dedication to both reaching home plate and a good joke.

Apparently, the coach instructed the young player to run from third base to home as fast as he could, presumably after a bases-loaded-walk as there’s already a new runner on third. Instead, the kid decided to have a bit of fun and go full Chariots of Fire, exaggerating his running motion in extreme slow motion as he inched down the basepath. Even with his coach encouraging him to pick up the pace, he stuck with the bit. And his commitment was rewarded, as the laughter from teammates, coaches, and fans grew louder.

After what felt like years, the kid finally tumbled onto the plate as spectators cheered on his weird and hilarious baserunning decision. Fortunately, a cousin of the player decided to film the entire thing and posted it on Twitter, where it’s been viewed more than six million times in just two days, receiving over 388,000 likes and 132,000 retweets.