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Little Kid With a Lego Head Up His Nose Insists It’s Not Funny. He’s Wrong

Dad got in a few giggles before the Lego head lodged in his son's sniffer was quickly removed.


Kids have two wholes in their nose. It’s a given, then that they’ll stick their fingers and all manner of things up there. Also a given? That they’ll lodge something in their schnoz. Chance are, when this happens, you’ll assess the situation, make sure everything is okay, and then laugh your ass off for a few seconds. Case in point: a recent video of a dad’s reaction to his young son telling him that he lodged a Lego head in his sniffer. 

Normally, parents will have to go through a lot of “I don’t know” proclamations before getting to the bottom of things. Fortunately, this little boy immediately cops to the fact that he put a Lego and no, it wasn’t hurting him. Knowing that, dad was left free to giggle his face off, which he did. Then, dad proceeded to press his finger up against the unaffected nostril and ask his son to blow. After one quick exhale, the tiny lego head flew out, along with a healthy string of snot. Lovely.

This video is pretty funny. But, in a situation like this, helping your kid out like this dad did is a good first instinct, and could save you a trip to the hospital. Since, most kids suck at blowing their noses, parents can clear debris by compressing the clogged nostril and blow into the child’s mouth as if they were performing CPR. This is often good enough to dislodge whatever is stuck in the nostril. If that doesn’t work, then you might have run to the hospital.