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Get in the Mood for Romance With This Baby Shark Valentine’s Day Song

The mega-popular kid's song continues its quest to take over the world.

First, it came for Christmas. Then it came for the Billboard charts and our televisions. And now, “Baby Shark” is here to officially take over Valentine’s Day with a remix of the hit song that was specifically made for the most romantic day of the year.

The Valentine’s Day version of the megapopular song, aptly titled “Valentine’s Day Sharks”, pretty much sticks to the tried and true “Baby Shark” formula, with a few mild variations (lots of hearts, lots of pink, and the sharks occasionally expressing their love for each other) thrown in so the viewer doesn’t forget they are listening to the Valentine’s Day version instead of the original “Baby Shark.”

This isn’t actually a new track, as it was released almost two years ago and already has over 13 million views. Still, given the way “Baby Shark” has managed to become a cultural phenomenon over the last few months — it even landed on the list of the top 30 most-watched videos in the history of YouTube — there’s a good chance “Valentine’s Day Sharks” receives a couple hundred million views between now and February 14.

Like most parents, you may already be sick of the “Baby Shark” mania and the last thing you want to do to spark some romance is having to listen to yet another version of the song you have been forced to listen to a couple thousand times. But while you may be ready for “Baby Shark” to become a relic of the past, chances are your kid will absolutely love “Valentine’s Day Sharks.”