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Lin-Manuel Miranda Paid Tribute to His Dad With an Extremely Touching Twitter Thread

The Tony-winning writer, actor, and singer took to Twitter to celebrate his dad on his birthday.


Lin-Manuel Miranda has been blowing people away as the writer and original star of the hit musical Hamilton. But what’s less known about the actor is the fact that he has an adorably close relationship with his dad, Luis Antonio Miranda Jr. When his father’s birthday arrived this week, Miranda got on Twitter to share some of his favorite memories with him, and you might cry.

It started simply enough, with Manuel noting that his dad “Sleeps 4 hours a night” and “Hates mushrooms.” From there, he began to get more personal, explaining that his undying love of show tunes is actually something he shares with his dad. Like a lot of dads and their sons, Miranda’s and his father Luis—while very different people—have a striking amount in common. 

For starters, there’s that love of music. Luis actually sold records as a youth in Puerto Rico. And while he may never have ended up on a Broadway stage, he passed his love of music onto his son, who went on to write the biggest musical since Les Miserables.

As evidenced in Hamilton and his online presence, Miranda has never been afraid to talk openly and honestly about his political beliefs. He also has no problem letting someone know when he thinks they are wrong. Based on this story he shared, Miranda probably learned that attitude listening to his dad demolish politicians on the phone growing up.

And like any self-respecting dad, Luis loves to mispronounce words and phrases in ways that make sense to him.

Miranda also shared that his dad loved playing pranks on his kids growing up, some of which may have traumatized them for life.

The tweet that takes the cake is a perfect example of how when confronted with the success of their kid, even the toughest dad can’t help but shed a proud tear.