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Every Indoor Kid Will Relate to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Letters to His Parents from Camp

"Please come and take me back to New York, away from this hellhole."


As a parent, you may think of sending your kid to sleep-away camp as a childhood rite of passage. After all, it’s a time where they will get to go out into nature, make some new friends, and come home with memories that will last a lifetime, right? Not so fast. While lots of kids might love the camp experience, there are just as many kids who find the whole thing unbearable, including Lin-Manuel Miranda. The brilliant mind behind Hamilton tweeted out letters he wrote as a kid to his parents from camp and the hilarious desperation will resonate with indoor kids everywhere.

To be clear, these letters were posted by Miranda awhile ago, but they started trending today on Twitter, so we thought it was a fun time to revisit this madness.

In the letters, Miranda makes it clear that he is straight up not having a good time at camp, as he starts out by writing that the thing he is looking forward to the most that summer is “going home.” In another letter to his parents, he opens by writing “Please come and take me back to New York, away from this hellhole” and then goes on to complain about the electricity, septic tank, and insect repellant all not working as they are supposed to.

He also begs his parents to call him, saying that “maybe if you talk to me in person I can convince you to take me from here.” And he is perhaps his sassiest in a letter where he wrote, “Remember me? I’m the kid you ditched in the woods for a month.” Brutal but hysterical stuff.

Miranda’s childhood letters went viral, with thousands of fans saying that they related to his experience of the camp being more horrifying than heart-warming. And it could be a good reminder for parents that before you send your kid off to camp, you may want to consider if they are the type who will see it as you ditching them in the woods for a month. Just something to think about.