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Lin-Manuel Miranda Shares Brilliant High-Chair Hack on Twitter

Turns out, the acclaimed musician and performer is also something of a MacGyver.

Twitter / @Lin_Manuel

We already know that Lin-Manuel Miranda, the award-winning performer from Hamilton and Moana, can sing, act, and rap. It turns out, he also knows how to MacGyver the hell out of a high chair.  

While vacationing in Wales with his wife Vanessa Nadal and their sons, 3-year-old Sebastian and 6-month-old Francisco, Miranda discovered that their rental unit didn’t have a high chair. Instead of venturing out in search of a Welsh Walmart (ASDA, right?), however, the Renaissance man of Renaissance men just made one himself and then shared a picture of it on Twitter above the caption: “Parenting hack: don’t have an infant high chair for dinner? Have you considered a bucket full of towels?” Pretty simple, pretty genius. Now everybody can enjoy a nice meal.

Besides being a high chair innovator, Miranda is a well-known performer both on stage and screen. He is most celebrated as the lyricist and composer of the Broadway musical Hamilton: An American Musical which has become a bonafide pop cultural touchstone since it premiered in August 2015. Miranda was also helped write the music for the animated Disney movie Moana. And entertainment isn’t Miranda’s only gig. As an activist, he’s spoken out against president Trump and helped raise $30 million for rescue efforts in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Be sure to catch Miranda in the upcoming film, Mary Poppins Returns, set to premiere in December 2018.