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Lil Tay Mystery Deepens As Her Instagram Account Deletes All Posts

Her digital footprint is being erased.

Lil Tay Instagram

The plot around Lil Tay’s M.I.A status has thickened, or thinned, depending on how you look at it. After going dark on social media for about a month, Instagram sensation Lil Tay was thrust back into the spotlight by way of Instagram videos and captions alleging that she’d been forced into the custody of her abusive dad. Now after just two days of renewed activity, all the content from her page has been taken down for the third time.

Now, one of the now-deleted videos showed a picture of Hope while a distorted voice-over explained that he’d filed another expedited court order to have the account shut down, Lil Tay put into foster care, and her mother Angela Tian arrested. Now, being that neither Tay, Tian, or Hope have spoken out about the matter, no one can confirm anything. That said, all of the account’s content was still deleted within 24-hours of that post.

Still, Lil Tay’s current manager, Harry Tsang, and another anonymous source spoke to The Daily Beast on Tuesday and claimed separately that the recent allegations against Hope are fake. The anonymous source even explained that they didn’t want their name attached for fear of retaliation from Lil Tay’s older brother.

“Christopher Hope does not want any money from Lil Tay,” Tsang told The Daily Beast. “There are only three things he wants to see. First, no more crazy videos of cursing from Tay. Second, 25% of the gross earnings going to a trust fund dedicated to Tay. The third thing is, there has to be a structure in her operation, in her public image.”

According to Tsang, Tian and her son were visited by Lil Tay on a trip to the US from Canada and Tian extended her stay indefinitely. So apparently the whole thing about her father using a court order to have Lil Tay returned to his custody in Canada is totally true. Though If Tsang’s retelling of the story is true, Hope would have done so as a concerned parent, not an abusive one.

Moreover, as far as her Instagram is concerned, Hope has filed a cease and desist letter noting that the page was “taken over by her brother, Jingxian Sun a.k.a. Jason Tian, also a minor. He has either personally or encouraged others, or negligently allowed the account to be used by third parties, to conduct criminal extortion and harassment as well as the torts of defamation and libel.”

According to Tsang, both Angela and Jason Tian hatched a plot to falsely accuse Hope sexual assaulting  Lil Tay, but once Tsang tipped him off, Hope (who is himself an attorney) immediately took legal action. Since Lil Tay burst onto the scene this year, almost everything she’s said publicly has been scripted; just a bunch of adults channeling their ideas through a nine-year-old. And in that sense, the latest developments are oddly the same. It’s hard to say what any of this will mean until the story is told by Lil Tay herself.