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Parents Shocked to Find Kid’s Lightning McQueen Car Sings a Very NSFW Song

You probably don't want your child hearing this.

Boo Tube/YouTube

One Disney song might not be so innocent after all. In a video shared by YouTube channel Boo Tube on Monday, a Lightning McQueen toy from the animated kids’ movie Cars sings a very inappropriate lyric.

“Listen carefully to the 2nd song,” the intro slide reads. The video then shows the user turning on the talking car by pressing a button on the steering wheel, at which point the toy begins singing and lighting up. At one point during the catchy tune, Lightning McQueen says, “Sticking a finger in my butt.”

As Boo Tube captioned the two-minute clip, which already has over 2,000 views, “How does this happen?”

But it’s not the first time that a Disney toy has been involved in such a scandal. The same song also occurred in a Mickey toy, according to a viral Facebook post last April.

Parents found last year’s situation equally hilarious and horrifying. “What in the what???!!!!!! This is just creepy,” writes one user. Another laughs, “This is the best thing I have ever heard!!!!”

However, mom Lasca Mrozovich clarified, “This is not an official Disney toy. This is a knock off from another country.” She said that she and husband Thomas had bought it in the mall and that it was manufactured somewhere in the Middle East.