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Legos Made a New Airplane Safety Video Tolerable and Memorable

Relieving passengers from the bleak boredom of traditional in-flight safety videos, Turkish Airlines launched a new safety video with characters from The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie. Does it need to exist? No. Is it awesome? Following The Lego Movie’s own assertion that everything is awesome, then yes, yes it is.

The video set to be the new pre-flight safety video for Turkish Airlines walks viewers through the standard safety tips with help from Emmet (Chris Pratt), Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), Batman (Will Arnett) and other characters from The Lego Movie, which is set to have a sequel early next year.

It has the same tongue-in-cheek tone as The Lego Movie, making fun of itself as much as it makes fun of the regular format of safety videos. 45 seconds in, Wyldstyle says, “Step 2, don’t be afraid to use shameless celebrity cameos in your safety video,” and sure enough Batman appears and prohibits passengers from smoking.

Taking things further into Lego’s brand of lunacy, Unikitty arrives with a boombox and starts breakdancing on a dance floor that appears out of nowhere. A song erupts with the lyrics “there’s a party in the sky, let’s pack our dreams and fly”, and everybody on board joins in until Batman interrupts.

This is not the first time Turkish Airline has added a memorable spin to what would have otherwise been a bland safety video. In November of 2016, the airline collaborated with social media personality Zach King to produce a video full of digital illusions.  

Though the new Lego-themed safety video isn’t playing on flights quite yet, you can still check it out on Turkish Airlines’ YouTube channel.