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Your Fourth of July Plans Are Set: Legoland New York Is Coming

The massive theme park is coming to the Hudson Valley on Independence Day.

Legoland New York

We finally know when Legoland New York is opening, and if they weren’t planning on having fireworks before they’re definitely going to be shooting some off now.

July 4, 2020 was just officially announced as the opening date for the new park, 150 acres of Lego-themed rides, attractions, and shows split into seven themed areas: Brick Street, Lego Ninjago World, Lego City, Miniland, Bricktopia, Lego Castle, and Lego Pirates.

The park will contain a mix of attractions first built at the other two Legolands and original ones making their debut in the New York location. Some highlights are:

  • Lego Driving School (and Junior Driving School) are age-appropriate go-karting attractions that emphasize safety. At the end of each one, kids get a Legoland Driving license.
  • Splash Battle is a boat ride that takes you through on a pirate-themed journey to find treasure. Each seat has a water cannon so you can soak spectators and other riders.
  • The Dragon is a steel roller coaster that thrillseekers will flock to. There’s also a Dragon’s Apprentice coaster for smaller riders.
  • Miniland will be home to truly impressive Lego versions of “10 destinations of amazing scenery and city skylines from coast to coast.” It sounds like an especially patriotic thing to see on Independence Day.

That’s a small sample of what the park will have to offer. In addition to the other rides, minifigure trading will be available throughout the park. Kids can bring a minifigure with them and trade it for another as many times as they want. That’s awesome.

Like its predecessors in Carlsbad, California, and Winter Haven, Florida, Legoland New York will be located in a smaller city near an entertainment hub; its spot in Goshen, New York, is about 60 miles northwest of New York City, a convenient location for visitors.

The other great thing about Legoland New York? The ticket prices. Single-day tickets start at $62.99, and annual passes can be had for $119.99. Compared to Disney World’s $109 and $1,119 (!) figures, Legoland looks like it’s going to be a great value.