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LEGO Launches 6 More Epic ‘Star Wars’ Vehicles

The $800 Millenium Falcon was just the beginning.

LEGOs epic new 7,500-piece Millenium Falcon might have been the show-stopper on Force Friday II, but it wasn’t the only new Star Wars set the company unveiled. Not even close. To gear up for the impending release of The Last Jedi, LEGO debuted six other ships and vehicles based on the new movie. And while most weren’t collector’s items like the $800 Falcon, they’re all equally as impressive and significantly less expensive. Also, they won’t take days to assemble.

Millenium Falcon

LEGO Millennium Falcon
What was already one of company’s largest kits at 5,195 pieces, the new Falcon now measures almost 3-feet by 2-feet (stands 8-inches tall) and is comprised of a whopping 7,541 pieces. Pop off the hull panels and you can get down to making stop-motion videos of Luke wielding his lightsaber or R2-D2 fixing the hyperdrive. It includes a concealed blaster cannon, lowering boarding ramp, and a detachable canopy, and there’s also a gunnery station from which the mini figurines can blast Tie-Fighters while waiting to make the jump to hyperspace.

Buy Now $800

Star Wars Resistance Bomber

Not only does this 15-inch Resistance Bomber hold and drop six bombs, but there are also two spring-loaded shooters and two rear-gun turrets for the five included minifigs to man.

Buy Now $110

Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Tie Fighter

Star Wars Kylo Ren's Tie Fighter

Pull the trigger on Kylo’s 630-piece Tie Fighter and it shoots two spring-loaded “lasers.” Also, the First Order TIE Pilot minifig that’s included (in addition to Kylo Ren, a First Order Stormtrooper, and a BB-9E) rocks a new red-striped helmet.

Buy Now $80

Resistance Transport Pod

For a ship that won’t break the bank, Finn and Rose’s escape transport pod with removable canopy and secret BB-8 stowaway compartment costs only $30.

Buy Now $30

Star Wars First Order Heavy Assault Walker

Based on the Heavy Assault Walker from Episode VIII (but also featured in The Last Jedi), this 1376-piece AT-AT stands over a foot tall and features posable head and legs, as well as rapid-fire stud shooter.

Buy Now $149

Star Wars First Order Star Destroyer

Like the Falcon, the armored top panels on this monster Star Destroyer open to reveal a detailed interior and control room with instrument panels, not to mention a working elevator. There’s a carry handle to take it on the go, and it comes with eight side-firing stud shooters, five minifigures, and two droids.

Buy Now $160

First Order Heavy Scout Walker

A two minifig cockpit, opening top hatch, and “hidden wheels that turn to make the legs ‘crawl’” ⏤ not to mention a reasonable price tag under $50 ⏤ the Heavy Scout Walker has a lot to offer Star Wars fans young and old alike.

Buy Now $50