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Lego Will Begin Using Sustainable, Sugar-Based Bricks In 2018

The new pieces will include "botanical elements" as well.


Lego has announced that it will begin to sell its first sustainable, plant-based plastic bricks later this year. Rather than producing the bricks with an oil-based plastic, the company will produce its bricks with a plastic sourced from sugar cane as a means of lowering its carbon footprint. Lego hopes to use the sugar-based plastic in most of its primary products by 2030.

Per Gizmodo, Lego has produced about 400 billion bricks since being founded in 1958; that’s roughly 62 bricks per person. So this is a major step for the company. Leading up to the announcement, Lego had invested around $165 million dollars in the development of the Sustainable Materials Centre, where they sought solutions for ways to mass produce their tiny bricks in a more environmentally friendly. Now, plastic is still plastic and, generally speaking, not great for the environment. But,  according to Alix Grabowski, a senior program officer at the World Wildlife Fund, who partnered with Lego to reduce their carbon emissions, progress should come before everything.

“It is essential that companies in each industry find ways to responsibly source their product materials and help ensure a future where people, nature, and the economy thrive,” said Grabowski in a statement about the joint initiative. Lego echoed the sentiments, saying that the plant-based plastic bricks should  “have an even-lighter footprint than the material it replaces.”