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You’re Not Going To Believe What Your Kid’s LEGOS Are Re-Selling For Over In England

You know your house has more LEGO sets than it needs because you keep stepping on the evidence, but you probably don’t realize that you’re stepping on a potential mound of cash. Over the last 15 years, investors in the U.K. have gotten a juicier return on resold LEGO sets than they have in stocks or even gold, according to a recent article in The Telegraph.

Since 2000, London’s FTSE 100 Index has paid out an annual return of just 4.1 percent; over the same time period, gold’s return has been 9.6 percent. Meanwhile, savvy collectors who have followed some basic rules — invest in sets made after 1999 and focus on limited editions like the film franchise or seasonal stuff — are seeing 12-percent gains on their sets, year-over-year. At the top end of the market, people are seeing 36-percent increases in a single year.


To be fair, all this data is specific to the U.K., which explains idiosyncrasies like the single best investment in all of LEGO according to the site a 2007 model of a hotel called “Cafe Corner” which is about as bland as a British breakfast. That goes for £2,096, up 2,230 percent from its original sale price of £89.99. Still, if it makes you wonder whether your own kid’s current collection might actually assemble into a full college fund, here’s a simple rule of thumb to use going forward: Buy 2 of everything.

[H/T]: Telegraph