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This Lego Machine Will Make Your Kids’ Breakfast

Did somebody order bacon and eggs?

The Brick Wall

For parents, there is no struggle quite like the morning routine. Getting an entire family up, fed, and out the door can be a challenge, to say the least. One DIY YouTuber, however, may have come up with a solution for families who rarely have time to enjoy a relaxing breakfast: A Lego robot that can makes bacon and eggs.

The incredibly badass, if not insanely elaborate, two-piece contraption looks like a loading crane at a shipping dock and can cook the classic breakfast combo with almost no help from humans. “The Lego Breakfast Machine” as it’s called drops the uncooked bacon into the pan and even manages to crack an egg without breaking the yolk. While the food’s cooking, it even sprinkles on a little salt and pepper.

A separate rover with an affixed spatula is responsible for flipping the eggs and bacon and ensuring it’s properly plated for all to enjoy. As if this that wasn’t impressive enough, the Lego Breakfast Machine can make eggs over easy or scrambled, depending on preference.

According to the video’s description, The Brick Wall came up with the idea as a present for his dad, who cooks family breakfast on the weekends. And while most dads probably don’t have the robotic knowledge or technical skills to replicate this incredible machine, it’s still fun to watch in action ⏤ maybe even while scarfing down another Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tart before taking the kids to school.