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Lego Made a Perfect Replica of Your Dream Car

This is probably the closest you'll get to owning a '60s Mustang.


As a dad, you’ve probably left your teen fantasy of owning a kickass sports car in the rearview mirror in favor of something a bit more practical and a lot less awesome. But while the chances of you ever actually owning a 60s Mustang are small you can at least own a perfect replica of your dream car thanks to Lego. The beloved toy block company will be releasing a new Creator Expert series 1960s-era Ford Mustang model and given Lego’s trademark attention to details, it should come as no shock that the dark blue replica looks exactly like the real thing.

The 1,471-piece set has not been assigned a specific year though based on the appearance and license plate, it feels safe to assume it was modeled after the 1967 Mustang. The mini Mustang comes with an air scoop, rims, and even has an exact replica of the Mustang’s classic V8 engine sitting under the hood. It also has a removable roof panel that allows you to access its awesome interior that features a functioning steering wheel, a gear shift, and a non-functioning radio. You can even upgrade the Mustang if you are looking to pimp your Lego ride by adding a supercharger, a nitrous tank, and exhaust pipes while lifting the rear axle.

The Mustang model will be available to purchase on March 1 but the 13-inch replica does not come cheap, as it will cost you just under $150 to own. But compared to the price of a real 1967 Mustang, $149.99 is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, if you are willing to throw down a nice little chunk of change, you will finally be able to have the exact set of wheels 16-year-old you always wanted, just in teeny tiny form.