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Donate Your Used Legos Back to Lego For a Good Cause

And get them to kids who could use some new bricks.

Lego Group

Childhood is a magical time you spend growing into the person you’re going to be. Less romantically, it’s also when build up a collection of Legos, so by the time most kids head off to college they’re leaving behind a ton of ’em to sit unplayed with.

Thankfully, Lego Replay is here to give those old bricks new homes. The new program allows you to donate your unwanted Legos to kids who can still get years of fun out of them. Here’s how it works.

  1. Put all the bricks you want to donate into a shipping box. There’s no need to clean them, and you can have all kinds of bricks—Star Wars minifigures and Minecraft waterfalls, Duplo and regular-sized bricks—commingled.
  2. Print out a prepaid UPS shipping label from the Lego Replay website and use it to ship your box to Give Back Box, Lego’s collaborator on the project. You can even get a tax receipt if you want to write off your donation.
  3. Give Back Box sorts and inspects each brick by hand before giving them a rigorous cleaning, repackaging them, and mailing them to Lego’s non-profit partners.

Teach for America will distribute them to classrooms around the country. Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston will use them in their after-school programs.

The pilot ends next spring, at which point the Lego Group will consider expanding the program. And given the huge number of rarely used Legos that we know are taking up space in homes around the country, we’d be surprised if that didn’t happen.

More bricks for more kids who can have more fun with them? Sounds like a pretty good idea to us.