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‘Lego Movie’ Writers Are Doing a ‘Star Trek’ Show For Kids, With a Twist

The age-range isn't the only thing that will raise your eyebrow.

Credit: CBS

Yet another new iteration of Star Trek is coming to TV, but this one will be specifically made for kids. And the talent behind the show is massive. Here’s what to know.

For the casual fan, there’s a lot of Star Trek to deal with right now. In addition to the six TV shows from the ’60s and ’90s, the 13 movies, and tons of toys and games and endless trivia, the 21st Century has also seen a fascinating renaissance of things boldly going where no one has gone before. Since 2017, there’s been Star Trek: Discovery, which continues to be very popular and also employs some rad dads like Michael Chabon and Rainn Wilson. But, later this year you’ve got the Captain Picard show, starring Patrick Stewart, returning to his most famous role. And, if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a spin-off spy show about Michelle Yeoh’s Trek character, Philipa Georgiou and an animated show for adults called Lower Decks. All of this stuff airs (or will air) on the streaming-only service CBS All-Access, but now, the next kid-friendly Trek will be made for Nickelodeon.

On Wednesday, multiple outlets reported that a new animated Star Trek series is being developed for Nickelodeon and will be written by Kevin and Dan Hageman, famous for writing Trollhunters, the first Lego MovieLego Ninjago and the forthcoming film version of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.  Unlike Lower Decks (written by Mike McMahan) the new Nickelodeon Star Trek will definitely be aimed at children, though producer Alex Kurtzman says “I think hopefully the age range is somewhere between 8 and 45.”

This will be the first new Star Trek series to air on a cable channel like Nickelodeon and the first Trek show that is aimed specifically at children. From 1972-1973, Star Trek: The Animated Series ran as a Saturday morning cartoon on NBC and produced by Filmation (who would later create Masters of the Universe. ) Though the series had kid-friendly elements, it was written mostly as an extension of the original 1960s Star Trek TV show. The defacto showrunner of the animated Trek in the ’70s was D.C. (Dorothy) Fontana, a writer who shaped much of the original show and Spock’s backstory in specific.

It is unclear as of this writing if the new animated Trek show for kids will be considered to be part of the massive and complicated Star Trek “canon,” but you can bet some of your friends will debate about it anyway. The show is expected to launch sometime in 2020, but no official date has been announced. The new Picard series will debut later this year on CBS All-Access.