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‘LEGO Master’ Could Be the Next ‘Great British Bake-Off’

Whether it’s building an incredible beachside train or capturing the world’s most beautiful car crash, builders love to use LEGOs to create incredible works of art. Now, brick builders will be able to put their skills to the test on LEGO Masters, a new show where a group of contestants will battle “to be crowned masters of the brick.”

LEGO Masters will debut August 24 on UK TV Channel 4 and will be hosted by TV presenter and DJ Melvin Odoom. On the show, eight pairs of LEGO lovers will test their skills in a variety of competitions and tasks meant to determine who’s truly the greatest LEGO builder. This is not just a show for kids, as many of the competitors will be adults who have held a lifelong passion for creating brick-based masterpieces. The competition will unfold over four hour-long episodes and will combine guest judges, including Vice President of Design for the LEGO Group Matthew Ashton. Fan voting will determine the champion.


Given the recent phenomenon of shows that feature amateurs competing such as the Great British Bake-Off and Masterchef,  LEGO Masters seems like a shoo in for the next great watchable show — if it’s executed well, of course.  After all, LEGO building videos receive million of clicks, so why not add a competitive twist to give the community some exciting stakes? Besides, if people get excited for Bundt cake challenges, chances are they’ll enjoy seeing someone build a fire-spewing dragon made out of nothing but bricks.