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Lego Is Making Building Sets for Grown Ups

Because adult coloring books weren't enough.


On November 12, Lego announced a unique new line of products specifically designed for adults. The Forma kits, which allow you to build, decorate and operate a tiny kinetic fish, are the latest innovation in what’s become known as the “kidult” market, consisting of toys for grown-ups to help relieve stress.

The Danish company describes the Forma kits as “a premium LEGO experience for adults looking for a simple, fun way to disconnect from their screens and reconnect with their creative side.” And the new release is in high demand, exceeding the company’s goal by over 1,000 percent within a week from when it started as a crowdfunded IndieGoGo campaign last week.

These aren’t the block Legos of your childhood, either. The Forma kits contain the materials for you to build a small fish skeleton and then decorate it with your choice of four different skins (koi, shark skin, splash koi or ink koi), before using the crank at the base to make the fish wiggle. If you want to completely customize your creation, opt for the ink koi skin, which comes in black and white so you can color it in however you’d like.

Speaking of coloring, if the new Lego release feels familiar, it’s because it’s riding the coattails of the adult coloring book trend, which started as a way to unplug and improve mental health. And when Lego surveyed adults about their product, they found that 86 percent of people admitted that playing with grown-up “toys” did, in fact, help them de-stress.

So the next time your boss asks you for that last-minute budget report or when you have to spend an entire week with your in-laws, take a deep breath—then reach for your Lego kit. Because there’s nothing like building a kinetic fish to melt the stress away…