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This Stunning Dino Fossil Lego Set is Perfect for Your Little Paleontologist

It's three sets in one.

Like chocolate and peanut butter or Kevin Costner and sports movies, it’s hard to mess up a Lego and dinosaur combination. Previous efforts of Lego dinosaur sets included an entire collection of species-specific kits and a bevy of sets inspired by the Jurassic Park franchise. But it’s a brand-new Lego set, dreamed up by an amateur, that’s putting a new twist on a classic pairing.

This 910-piece Lego dinosaur set that will unlock your kid's inner paleontologist.

The Lego Ideas Dinosaur Fossils building kit is less about kids imagining what the world was (or would be) like with dinosaurs roaming the earth and more about capturing the feeling of walking into a museum and peering up, in awe, at the assembled fossils painstakingly collected and assembled by paleontologists in the name of science and impressing even the most jaded youths.

The 910-piece set features 1:32 scale models of three fossilized skeletons: the Pteranodon, a flying pterosaur reptile, and two dinosaurs: a Triceratops and a Tyrannosaurus rex, because how could you not include a T.Rex?

Each model is poseable and meant to be displayed proudly on its own stand, each of which comes with a special piece with the name of the species printed on it, just like in a museum. The T. Rex, at seven inches tall and 15 inches long, is the biggest of the three.

The set also comes with a paleontologist minifigure, a sapiens skeleton figure—complete with “Lego Sapiens” stand—and accessories like a magnifying class, egg, bone, and buildable crate.

This brand-new design, which is to be released tomorrow, was inspired by a submission from user Mukkinn to Lego Ideas, a platform in which fans can submit and vote on designs they’d like to see go into production. It’s the same place that the VoltronFriends, and Sesame Street sets came from.

But even without a beloved television show tie-in, it’s not hard to see why this original take on a subject near and dear to kids’ hearts, was popular among the fans and considered worthy by the professionals at Lego of its own set.

Lego Ideas Dinosaur Fossils has an MSRP of $59.99 and will hit stores tomorrow, leaving you plenty of time to pick one up in advance of the holiday season.

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