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LEGO Is Hiring Product Designers To Play Professionally

flickr / Ali Eminov

When it comes to laying LEGO bricks, you’ve probably put in your 10,000 hours like most dads. OK, 9,000 of those may have been spent stepping on them, but you’re still a master builder to your kid. If you’re ready to go pro, the Legoland in Windsor, UK is hiring a LEGO Model Designer.

According to the description on LinkedIn, the position requires a lot more than an “interest or knowledge about LEGO.” The right candidate needs experience with model, product, and technical design, as well production and IT knowledge. And chances are they’ll already have done a bit of work with LEGOs in school. A lot of professional design programs have students build 3D models with these plastic bricks. Basically, those going out for this gig are likely to have more experience than “not reading the instruction manual.”

But if you do meet those qualifications then, by all means, apply away. It’s a pretty sweet gig that includes a “competitive annual salary,” 20 vacation days, and a 40 percent discount on LEGO purchases online. Of course, you’ll need a reference who’s not a relative or a 4-year-old.

[H/T] Mashable