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Embrace the Power of the Dark Side With This Epic LEGO Darth Vader Bust

But you'll have to do some work (or shell out some serious cash) to make sure you get one.

Every Star Wars film is about the struggle between an all-powerful empire and the rebellion seeking to defeat it and establish a republic. It’s all more than a little Ancient Roman, so it makes sense that Darth Vader — an imperialist military hero — would be immortalized in a bust, an art form wildly popular in Rome. And it’s a bust made of Legos, which makes it extremely cool and very different.

That’s right, a brand new Lego version of Darth Vader’s head is coming. It will be a 327-piece set that captures the dome of his helmet and the respirator over his mouth. It’s extremely cool because it’s extremely different.

Ancient busts were made for great people, political leaders, military heroes, influential thinkers. They valorized people, and this one valorizes Vader. And since he’s not actually a military hero, it valorizes him as a cultural figure who’s had a profound effect on the lives of Star Wars diehards. It works on a higher level than standard sets that simply recreate objects or scenes from the films.

Perhaps that’s why this set will make its debut at the upcoming Star Wars Celebration, essentially a Star Wars-only version of Comic-Con happening from April 11 to 15 in Chicago.

But don’t worry. If you aren’t able to make it, you can still get your hands on this bust. A limited quantity will be sold at Target stores to Target REDCard holders starting on April 11. We wouldn’t recommend waiting until the 12th if you want to snag one.

And if you don’t get one in Chicago or at Target, there’s always eBay. A few sets are already listed on the auction site, for sale at $200. But beware: while we don’t yet know the retail price of this set, $200 is a ton of money to pay for one of this size. For comparison, the 279-piece 20th-anniversary edition of Anakin’s Podracer retails for just $30.

Still, we won’t be surprised if a set like this, a limited edition event exclusive aimed at serious fans, is hard to come by on the secondary market even with a steep markup.